Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have been mentioned in an Article "Life of A Wedding Designer" in American Chronicle!!!

Life of A Wedding Designer
Jay Lillie
October 30, 2009
Entrepreneurial leaders do not have a mindset that adapts to failure. Things go wrong, of course, but entrepreneurs don´t call them "failures" they call them "glitches, mistakes, bungles, setbacks" – but not failing.

When one such entrepreneur was asked about the hardest decision he ever had to make, he answered that he didn´t know what a hard decision was. An entrepreneur will approach decision-making with the idea that there´s a strong likelihood that he/she will be wrong. This doesn´t dissuade them – to the contrary they just do the best they can and worry about handling obstacles as they arise.

Here's a few entrepreneurs:

Apropos Creations, LLC is a wedding and event planning service located in Phoenix, AZ and is a newly established business. Jo Ann M. Grant, owner and contriver of Apropos Creations has been organizing weddings and parties for the past 12 years for family and friends. Doing this is something that she has wanted to do for a long time and however challenging it may be, she really enjoys it.

Jo Ann has accounting background which is very useful to the budget making of the wedding. She is very conscientious to the bride´s feelings and does her best to fulfill what the bride has envisioned her wedding to be. Apropos Creations has multiple packages to accommodate all types of budget and also offers a complimentary consultation to hash out any questions the bride and groom may have. Together, they can design a wedding that is unique and the newly wed couple will always treasure throughout time.

Jo Ann M. Grant

Dream Wedding Designers in South Florida- The company is run by two professional wedding coordinators. Rita and Irene are the founders of the "Dream Wedding Designers". Years ago they had a dream to develop the company that could help future brides and grooms take off the pressure from the wedding preparation with the help of the coordinators. The dream came true. The company DWD has been working with brides and grooms, taking into consideration their tastes and cultural backgrounds.

Rita and Irene

A common question among many brides: "Should I hire a wedding planner?" And the answer is yes! The gain to hire a wedding planner is not based on the wedding budget, size of the guest list, or the wedding theme.

The reality remains: timing is everything! Parents and couples may hire a wedding planner based upon all the details involved for a successful wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner provides another opportunity to the family to enjoy their day that much more. Above all, hiring a wedding coordinator saves! It saves money, saves energy and equally important; it saves time.

Wedding coordinators are working to assist with every detail from your initial meeting up to the departure for the honeymoon. They will assist you with your budget, vendor referrals, negotiating contracts, and focus on the theme you have encrypted as your special day. Save The Date Planners understand that planning a wedding is an enormous task and undoubtedly stressful. But we make sure you are able to place emphasis on the positive highlights and why this day is important. Enjoy the moments that lead up to the wedding.

Sonya Fogle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Event Connection Networking at Double Tree in Sunny Isles Beach!!!