Saturday, September 26, 2009




Book a DAY OF COORDINATION with us and we will give you a complimentary candy buffet table (different candy selections) **We include the glass jars, candy scoops, tongs, etc..

**We do not include table and linen

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bridal Show at Acqualina Resort & Spa on Sunny Isles Beach !!!

We had the pleasure attending a Bridal Show, which was held at beautiful Acqualina Resort & Spa on Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Acqualina is located on a gorgeous oceanfront location on Florida’s Riviera. This was an exclusive event and only Acqualina's top vendors where part of the show. Acqualina’s special event facilities range from intimate rooms to oceanfront lawn areas. Here are some of the beautiful floral arrangements and some of the pictures of Acqualina.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Do You REALLY Need a Wedding Planner? "YEAH!"

By Debi Brim (catering and cake decorator).

In this era of cutting back and pinching pennies, it’s only natural for brides to look at what costs they can cut from the budget. And since most of us have been planning our wedding since we were, oh I don’t know …… FOUR!!!! …… we tend to think “oh, it’s just a wedding! Anyone can throw one of those together!” So it’s also natural to think a wedding planner is just an extra expense.

“In today’s economy” (a phrase I’ve come to hate more and more each day), it is more important than ever to have a wedding planner.

Planners are the ones who actually SAVE you money:

  • · They review your contracts to be sure that what you THINK you’re getting is what you’re actually getting.
  • · They have a huge Rolodex of wedding vendors and can match you up to the ones who can do what you want on the budget you have.
  • · When touring a venue, the bride is caught up in the emotion of the moment and is only seeing how pretty everything will look. The planner is looking at parking spaces, what condition the restrooms are and where they are located, how and where the bar and the caterer will set up, and are there enough outlets for the DJ and the caterer’s carving station?
  • · When a bride is talking to the caterer, the bride is in turmoil trying to decide between chicken and fish. The planner is asking what the server/guest ratio is and how much is the cost of each server?

Some stories on how planners have helped brides.

  • - Bride hires wedding planner after selecting the venue but before signing the venue contract. When planner reviews the contract, she finds the bride has contracted for the use of the building ONLY. Bride thought she was getting tables, chairs, linens and lots of other things that the bride thought “were always included” at a reception. The planner saved the bride over $6000 on a bad contract. Well worth the $2000 the bride paid the planner.
  • - Bride decides to forego the professional planner and use her best friend, who after all, was a bridesmaid three times, so she knows ALL about planning weddings! The friend failed to take note of the facility’s $2000 fee for turning on the air conditioning and the newly married couple had to come up with this money at the very, VERY last minute, which was a severe cut into their honeymoon fund.
  • - The band hired by the bride was telling bride and planner where they would be setting up, what time they would be there and where the wives’ table would be. Planner corrected band member by showing him the already-decided place they would set up, giving him the actual time he would be there and asked him what he meant by a wives’ table? Band member says, “Oh the wives always come to all of our gigs.”
  • Planner told him this was not a “gig”, this was a wedding, the wives were not on the guest list, and there would be no wives table because there would be no wives. Band member began to argue the point. Planner fired the band and hired a professional DJ. Bride was relieved.
  • When times are good and people have good jobs, they don’t worry about costs as much. I’m not saying they don’t comparison shop, but they tend to buy bells and whistles instead of staying in a budget. It’s easy to plan a wedding when you’re not paying attention to every penny.
  • When times are tough, a couple just can’t afford last minute surprises. But they’ve never planned a party for 200+ people before and there are questions they just don’t know to ask. An event planner knows those questions and when he/she asks them, the bride saves money.
  • As a caterer, I’m always relieved to see a professional planner walk into the room. I know the details are going to be handled, things will run on schedule, and it will be a very pleasant event for everyone.
  • If you have a tight budget, you NEED a wedding planner. Today, more than ever, it’s the best investment you can make in your wedding.
Remember, it’s your wedding. You have ONE SHOT to get it right. Get a professional on your side who is going to be looking out for you on your very special day!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inspiration for Winter !!!

Some great inspiration for this Winter!!! Colors of worm hot red , Merlot and Deep Plum will add an air of creativity to your special day.

Fruit on your Wedding Cake!!!

Lets talk about the sweet part of wedding planning "CAKE" Yum Yum!!! As you know wedding cakes come in different shapes and styles to fit your personality. This year why not use fruit or a vegetable on your wedding cake instead of traditional flowers, this style will be something unique and beautiful.

Like any flower, fruits and vegetables grow during different seasons of the year. Here is the breakdown of which fruits and vegetables are available during your wedding season from Earth Friendly Wedding.

Fall Wedding: Apples, Grapes, Pears, Pumpkins
Winter Wedding: Carrots, Oranges
Spring Wedding: Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries
Summer Wedding: Apricots, Blueberries, Cherries

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Candy Buffet " WOW your Guests"

Latest trend to cap off your nuptial meal is with a totally scrumptious confections that are all about who you are as a couple, while giving your guests a sweet reward. This will be the ultimate favor or it can also be an addition to your dessert. Candy buffet is a treat that will have all of your guests mesmerized by the sweet experience and it will put a smile on everyone's face.
Candy Buffet can be created using your theme, colors, season, the options are endless!!!

We can create candy buffet to your Special Day!!!
Check out different types of candies that we carry in our store: